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Email Marketing Blog

Treat Your Contacts Like People

Did you know 58% of consumers subscribe to emails to receive discounts and special offers? When someone joins your email list, they are opting-in to learn more about your business. Some of these people will be completely new to your...

Only Send to People You Know

Did you know 91% of U.S. adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with? People open email from people they know, and they delete or mark as spam email from people they don’t recognize. This is why it’s...

Go Beyond the Inbox

Did you know 56% of small business integrate social media with their email marketing efforts? You’re likely already using a number of other channels to market your small business. Email marketing works best when it’s integrated with these...

5 Simple Tips for Mobile-Friendly Emails

Smartphone usage has sky-rocketed, and with it, so have the number of people that are reading email on a mobile device.  This means that you need to be creating emails that are mobile friendly. A mobile-friendly email is an email that displays optimally between a...

The Reasons Readers Trash Your Emails

Let’s start off with a heartbreakingly obvious fact: people make snap judgements about whether or not to read your emails based on a quick glance. That’s how everyone reads emails these days. We choose an email message, give it a two-second glance, then decide if it’s...

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